Online Account FAQs

  1. Why is e-mail address needed?
    In order to communicate with you during the account opening process, we will need a valid email address. It’s our way of staying in touch with you. In addition, the email address of the primary account holder is part of the account validation process.
  2. Why is Social Security number needed?
    When you apply to open an account, we are required by Federal Law to ask for identification such as address, date of birth and Social Security number to verify your identity. This information is not used for any other purpose.
  3. Why do you need this information?
    We use this information to protect you from identity theft. Basically, this is an additional means for us to secure your identity online.
  4. What is electronic transfer?
    When opening an online account at Renasant, you can transfer your initial deposit to your new Renasant account from another bank electronically. Your minimum transfer will depend on the type of account that you select. All electronic funding must come from a bank within the U.S. You may transfer funds from a checking, savings or money market account.
  5. What is internal transfer?
    When opening an online account at Renasant, you can transfer your initial deposit to your new Renasant account from another account at Renasant such as a checking, savings or money market account. Your minimum transfer will depend on the type of account that you select.
  6. Where do I find my Security Number (CCV code)?
    The Security Number (CCV code) is a 3 or 4 digit code embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. This is an extra security measure to ensure that you have access or physical possession of the credit card itself in order to use the CCV code. The CCV code is the last 3 digits after the credit card number on the back of the card in the signature area.
  7. What is backup withholding?
    This refers to a procedure used by the Internal Revenue Service to ensure that appropriate income taxes are collected. The IRS requires banks to withhold certain interest amounts if a customer has not provided a taxpayer identification number or the number provided was incorrect. The IRS may also instruct a bank to start withholding interest amounts for other reasons.
  8. What is the Application ID?
    The Application ID was created upon opening the new account and provided to you via email.
    You will need the Application ID when contacting Renasant at 877-367-5371.
  9. How can I speed up my application?
    If you already have an account with us, we can automatically fill out parts of your application using the information you provided when you opened your other account. You can speed up your application using information from your ATM/Debit card account, a deposit account (excluding CD accounts) or a loan account.
  10. Which ownership type should I choose?
    If you will be the only person to have ownership on this account, select Individual. If you want to add a co-owner to the account, select Joint.
  11. How is my personal information used?
    Federal law requires that all financial institutions obtain, verify and record personal information that identifies each person who opens an account. Your information is securely stored once your new account is opened.
  12. Why do I need to review and accept disclosures?
    Disclosures contain the important terms and conditions that apply to your new account. Reviewing and accepting disclosures ensures that you are informed about how we will manage your new account.
  13. Why do I need to answer these questions?
    Answering these additional security questions allows us to confirm your identity and ensure that no one else can open an account in your name. This additional layer of security helps protect our customers against identity theft.
  14. What is the test deposits and withdrawals verification process?
    If you choose this option, we will make two test deposits ($.99 or less) and two matching withdrawals to your external account. You will need to access that account to see the amounts and then return to our website to enter the amounts and verify account ownership. It typically takes 2 or 3 days for these transactions to appear in your external account. Note: If you select test deposits and withdrawals, you cannot change your verification method again.