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Digital Discovery

Mobile Banking Tutorials

Mobile App Set Up

Click here to learn how to set up the mobile banking app.

Setting up a New Phone

Biometrics Set Up

Here are instructions for setting up fingerprint sign-ons.

Fingerprint Sign-on

Making Mobile Deposits

Skip the drive-thru and deposit that check from your phone.

Make a Mobile Deposit

Pay With Zelle

Learn how to send a person-to-person payment through Zelle.

Send Money with Zelle

Receiving With Zelle

Learn how to request money from someone through Zelle.

Request Money with Zelle

Splitting Zelle Payments

Walk through the steps of Splitting a Zelle payment here.

Split a Zelle Payment

Forgotten Password

Learn how to reset your Mobile password here.

Forgotten Password

Forgotten User ID

Learn how to reset your Mobile User ID here.

Forgotten User ID