A Flag for all Mississippians

At Renasant, we embrace diversity and strive for a culture of inclusiveness. We respect the rights and freedoms of all individuals, including our clients, employees, and shareholders, and we strongly disagree with and oppose actions that are unjust on any level.


Our current state flag hinders our ability to recruit new talent and jobs, is a barrier to economic development, and sadly represents, to many of our citizens, a tragic period in our state’s and nation’s history which we must move beyond. Further, it overshadows and unfairly defines the values and charitable attributes Mississippians proclaim in their daily lives. We believe the Great State of Mississippi, where our company is headquartered, should have a flag which all of its citizens can rally around and be proud to fly.


We fully support moving our state forward with the adoption of a new state flag. We ask that our legislature and elected officials take the courageous step of selecting a new state flag to unite us as one people.


Flag for all MS