Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

I wanted to tell you how great it has been working with Mr. Mark. He really goes over and beyond when he underwrites a file to keep you in the loop and understand conditions. His conditions are very clear and easy to understand. It really makes my job easier. The thing I like best is Mark will pick up the phone and call you as he underwrites. It helps everyone stay on the same page.

Please give Mark a pat on the back.

THANK YOU!!!!! I really appreciate you getting this done and we definitely noticed, and VERY much appreciate, the late hour that these conditions were cleared for us. That is kind of service that has won so much of our business.

Hi Melissa, In the stressful environment we work in, I am sure you hear grips all the time. Today, I want to compliment Renasant and your team for the positives like reviewing conditions faster on loan scheduled to close and to your underwriter Scott. Not once, but twice this week, he has gone above and beyond our expectations of an underwriter. He is a problem solver and is willing to communicate solutions. We were very impressed and look forward to working with him again. J

Just wanted to say thanks again to you and your team. I just received this email. It is the final approval on my first MI loan with you. My requested closing date is Friday the 26th so this allows me to sleep without having to think about this one all weekend. I am sure you know what I mean. I appreciate all you and your team do to get my loans closed with minimal work on my part. Don’t remember her name and don’t have time right now to look it up but the underwriter on this one called yesterday to verify that I was not picky about which mi company she used. Not necessary but very considerate. THANK YOU! I have closed a couple of loans with you and I have 2 to close next week and you guys have definitely been a blessing to me and my bank!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!! CC