Treasury Management

Renasant Bank can help eliminate the guesswork and stress from your routine, making your business more efficient and your time and money more manageable. We offer a wide variety of Treasury Management services designed to help you improve cash flow, maximize profit, increase efficiency and combat fraud.

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Services Available

Enhanced Business Internet Banking

Stay connected and stay informed.

Renasant’s Internet Banking provides you with immediate access and greater control of your money. Staying informed helps you protect and efficiently manage your business’ accounts. Information critical to your business is at your fingertips 24/7. 

Business Check Express

Renasant is as close as your desk.

With Business Check Express, you can spend more time running your business and less time at the bank. Simply scan the checks and electronically transmit the images to Renasant. Your company will gain efficiencies while saving time and money.


Merchant Card Processing 

Expand your business’ payment options.

Offer your customers another payment option by accepting credit and debit cards.  Renasant’s relationship with BancCard offers the latest in merchant bankcard processing. From mobile to internet processing…all at competitive rates.

Positive Pay

Stay ahead of fraudulent check transactions.

Positive Pay is an important tool and an industry best practice to identify potentially fraudulent transactions before they impact your account. Renasant systematically compares checks presented for payment against your check issued file. Positive Pay assists you in combating check fraud by providing control over daily check activity.


ACH Positive Pay

Protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH activity.

Businesses have a limited time to dispute ACH transactions. Safeguard your accounts by blocking all ACH transactions or by allowing only specific trading partners to electronically debit your account. Receive notification when unauthorized ACH transactions appear and have the ability to reject the transaction or add it to your approved list.

ACH Services

Reduce your expense and exposure by converting checks to ACH or electronically collecting your receivables.

ACH Services are an efficient and secure way for your business to collect recurring customer payments, make electronic transfers and distribute funds such as payables and payroll. By replacing checks with ACH, your business will save the time and expense of writing, mailing and reconciling checks.


Payroll Cards

Eliminate writing and distributing expensive payroll checks.

Renasant’s Payroll Card is an efficient complement to our ACH Service.  For those employees who choose not to participate in Direct Deposit, our Payroll Card offers them an alternative solution to receiving payroll checks. Payroll is deposited directly to a debit card. 

Employee Purchasing Cards

Simplify your business’ purchasing process without losing control.

With the Elan One Card, you can empower your employees with purchasing ability without losing control of spending. The One Card simplifies the payment process…setting up specific spending parameters and dollar limits for each cardholder.  


Check Recovery

Check Recovery through ChecXchange™.

ChecXchange™ provides businesses with an automatic and effective check recovery service which enables you to manage your business without the time and hassle of collecting bad checks.


Focus more on running the business and less on processing checks.

Direct your receivables to a Lockbox and your business benefits from accelerated payment processing and same day deposits. Let Renasant customize a Lockbox solution for your business.


Zero Balance Account

Maintain multiple accounts without the hassle of making fund transfers.

With a Zero Balance Account, you can segregate accounts without the need to fund the account manually. The account is linked to your main account.  As transactions post to the Zero Balance Account, the exact needed funds are transferred from the main account. 

Investment Sweep Account

Earn interest on your collected funds while maintaining liquidity.

Improve your day to day cash management by putting idle balances to work with one of Renasant’s investment sweep accounts. Excess funds are swept to an investment account each night to earn interest. The next morning, funds are swept back for use.


Business Mobile Banking

We have a new app with Mobile Check Deposit.

Business Mobile Banking is available to users of Enhanced Business Internet Banking. Our mobile banking apps give you the freedom to easily and securely check your balance, make deposits, pay bills, transfer funds, and more from your smartphone or tablet.

Safe Account

Receive ACH and Wires without revealing sensitive account information.

With the Safe Account, you no longer have to release your account information in order to receive ACH or Wires. When transactions post to the Safe Account, funds will automatically transfer to your main account helping you to reduce fraud exposure.  


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