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Q: When is the expected merger of BrandBank with Renasant Bank?

A: On Saturday, September 1, 2018, Brand Bank will legally become Renasant Bank. Rebranding, including new signage, should be completed over the next few months. The conversion of banking services and systems will take place on Monday, October 29, 2018.


Q: How and when will information be communicated to BrandBank clients?

A: Renasant Bank is committed to making sure that clients of Brand Bank are kept fully informed of all changes taking place during the merger and operational conversion. Several communication pieces will be mailed to Brand Bank clients beginning late-June.

A Transition Guide will be mailed close to our conversion date detailing how your Brand Bank accounts and services may be affected. All the communications are designed to keep you fully informed and prepared as we combine our two organizations.


Q: Who should I call for questions about my account?

A: The Brand Bank Sales & Service Center will continue to serve your needs with the highest level of service excellence. Please call 770.963.9224 or Toll Free at 1.877.778.2710. Your local BrandBank teams are ready to answer any questions you may have. This FAQ document will be updated as information concerning specific products and services becomes available and posted on and


Q: Who do I call for questions on my account after the conversion date?

A: Beginning October 29, 2018:
Call Sales & Service Center Specialists at 770.963.9224 or Toll Free at 1.877.778.2710.
Visit your new and expanded network of Renasant Bank offices.
Call Renasant Bank's 24-Hour Account Information Service at 1.800.680.1601.


Q: Will my account number change?

A: Rarely do clients have to be issued a new account number; however, it is possible. Renasant Bank and Brand Bank are reviewing files now to determine if there are any duplicates. Should it be necessary to change your account number, you will be notified personally in writing and by phone from a BrandBank teammate. We are committed to working closely with clients to ensure their banking transactions are handled properly.


Q: May I continue using BrandBank checks?

A: Yes. Please continue using your current check supply.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you receive notification that it is necessary for your account number to be changed, please be sure to follow the instructions that will be provided.

For the majority of our clients whose account numbers do not change, please continue using your current Brand Bank checks. Upon your next order, your checks will be updated to reflect Renasant Bank's name and routing transit number.


Q: Will I receive a new debit card?

A: Yes. A Renasant Bank Mastercard® debit card will be mailed to all active card holders in October. However, your Brand Bank debit card will continue to work for a maximum of 90 days after the conversion on October 29, 2018.


Q: Will my ACH deposits/debits continue?

A: Yes. There will be no changes to your scheduled automated deposits and withdrawals.


Q: Will I have access to Renasant Bank’s Online Banking?

A: Yes. Post conversion, October 29, 2018, all Brand Bank clients will have access to Renasant Bank's online banking systems. If you are a current online banking user with BrandBank, your access will be converted to Renasant Bank's online banking systems automatically. The Transition Guide will detail the process for accessing your new Online Banking account, and you can begin using Renasant Bank's Online Banking on Monday, October 29, 2018.


Q: Will I have to set up my vendors/payees in Renasant Bank's Bill Pay system?

A: No. Your bill payees will automatically convert to Renasant's Bill Pay system.


Q: Will my scheduled bill payments continue?

A: Yes. Any payments converted to Renasant Bank's Bill Pay system will be made as scheduled. Please be sure to review important information regarding scheduled bill payments in the Transition Guide.


Q: I do not currently have Online Banking, but I would like to enroll. Can I do that now?

A: Yes. If you enroll in Brand Bank's Online Banking prior to October 26, 2018, your account will be converted to Renasant Bank's Online Banking.

If you do not enroll in Brand Bank's Online Banking prior to October 26, 2018, Renasant Bank offers a simple enrollment process for new clients. After October 29, 2018, visit and choose Personal from the Account Login drop down box to begin the enrollment process. If you are interested in Business Online Banking, please visit your local branch to speak with one of our business specialists.

Current BrandBank clients, without an existing Renasant Bank account, should wait until October 29, 2018, to enroll in Renasant Bank Online Banking.


Q: Will I need to re-enroll to receive eStatements?

A: Yes. Renasant Bank produces eStatements for all clients who elect to receive them. Due to regulatory requirements, clients will be required to enroll accounts for eStatements beginning October 29, 2018. The Transition Guide will provide step-by-step instructions for selecting your accounts for eStatements and to also view prior eStatements.


Q: Will my BrandBank Mobile Banking app work after conversion?

A: No. The current BrandBank Mobile Banking app will be deactivated on October 26, 2018. Renasant Bank offers mobile banking for both consumer and business clients for Apple and Android phones and tablet devices. On October 29, 2018, log in to Online Banking at, enroll in Mobile Banking, and download the mobile app.

Q: Will my card continue to work in Apple Pay?

A: No. Your Brand Bank Mastercard card will no longer work with Apple Pay effective Thursday, October 25, 2018. Your new Renasant Mastercard Debit Card will work with Apple Pay beginning Thursday, October 25, 2018.


Q: Will I still have access to Telephone Banking services?

A: Yes. Renasant Bank's 24-Hour Automated Account Information Service provides quick access to your deposit and loan accounts. Please call 1.800.680.1601 to begin using this service on or after Monday, October 29, 2018.


Q: What will happen to my CDs?

A: Your CD rate and term will remain the same until maturity.


Q: What is the Renasant Bank routing number?

A: 084201294. However, your Brand Bank routing number will continue to work, so there is no need to change or update your direct deposit, ACH withdrawals or other forms of payments.


Q: Will my branch’s hours stay the same?

A: Yes. At this time we anticipate branch hours remaining the same.

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